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And now..... for your body.......

And now..... for your body.......

And now..... for your body.......And now..... for your body.......And now..... for your body.......

When we make new connections within ourselves or between each other,  we write a new story and start off on a new path of hea



All offerings center on deep listening to the body rooted in therapeutic movement, yoga, somatic awareness practices, meditation, dance and touch. Clients develop new ways to understand their form and it’s function and learn new places for support and new methods for self care.


Discover new ways of moving, breathing, and thinking about your anatomy, that foster support for repatterining habits and moving towards your own ideals of creative health and expression.


Our bodies are neurotransmitters, constantly expressing it's own needs.  Body-based self exploration practices offer ways to root into the listening of our body's messages and wisdom.  Wherever we go, our body is there, living the life, waiting, waiting, waiting for you to listen, respond and give it what it wants.  Recalibrate and attune to nourishment, self-regulation and mindfulness.  It takes focused time to expand your sense of self and broaden our range of embodied possibilities. Body- based explorations shine light on our relationship towards our body, our community and greater environment,  and can transform our way of moving in the world.


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