Jolyn Hope Arisman

As a mover and teacher, I have been guiding people towards greater health through the practice of listening to our bodies for over 20 years. 

I  work with a wide variety of people and ages and teach both privately and in group contexts. People often work with me who have chronic issues and a looking for ways to support their health without causing pain.  They are looking for greater understanding of their own vehicle - their bodies. The needs are all different, some need deep release, while other need to know their own power, still others seek freedom of expression, what ever the physical desire is, they are all needs of the body.  

 I hold an Masters in Fine Art in dance from Smith College, and was a teaching fellow. 

I have been a certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine for 18 years and have worked privately with clients in and around New York City for most of that time.

 I have been deeply interested in that which generates vitality and the courage to heal. 

  My background in Yoga began with Iyengar and I am a certified teacher of Embodied Anatomy and Yoga  and Developmental Movement and Yoga from the School of Body Mind Centering.  I am certified with one of the first nationally certified pre and postnatal programs, Baby Moon, and it and the birth of my son Milo has  given me insights to the physical needs for mothers.   

I integrate my bodywork trainings in Thailand and 11 years of Body Mind Centering based touch principles into my therapeutic approach to touch. I base my work in deep listening and also learning new ideas, patterns and ways of being. 


 I was a professional chef during my years as a professional dancer and for those curious about the art of cooking for health, I  combine that knowledge with a certificate in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to support your relationship with food and the kitchen and help you walk your path towards pure and simple nourishment.  

Who is Body Compass for?

People who want to deepen their relationship with their   bodies. I have had many clients come to me because of chronic pain and have worked extensively with medical conditions such as post surgery, MS, Parkinsons, Lupis and cancer. If you want to find new ways of experiencing your body, come in the spirit of inquiry!

If you have been feeling lost, let's  map your way back - starting with your body.

Ways to Work


Private Sessions Online

Virtual Health Guidance

Private Sessions Online

A private Body Compass session begins with your body. What need is presenting itself? We mix observation, physical assessments and exercises with techniques to balance the body. I bring 20 years of Personal training, yoga instruction, Thai Massage, Pilates and Body Mind Centering to address your specific needs. 


Groups Classes Online

Virtual Health Guidance

Private Sessions Online

Group classes and workshops in and around the Santa Cruz Mountains are suspended. 

Enjoy online time with others in embodied inquiry.  Look for me at Ease Mountain Yoga! and live on zoom.


Virtual Health Guidance

Virtual Health Guidance

Virtual Health Guidance

Whether you use Zoom, Facebook or What'sApp, you can connect with me for focusing on your personal health needs. I design routines and meditations specifically for my private clients..